Zara - the changeroom review ( tweed blazer, nude front dress, bermuda shorts)

I'm sort of on a self imposed shopping ban- after quite a few years of work, retail therapy has been great, and I also have an enormous closet collection now....

I took a lunchtime stroll to Zara Sydney store trying to see whether there's any new items I like. I find with Zara clothing, I really have to try them on to decide whether I like them or not.

Problem today is that I love everything!

p.s. all pricing below are in AUD, which is very similar to USD right now, Zara Australia is probably slightly more expensive by anything between 5USD-25USD depending on what sort of clothing.

For reference, I'm 166cm (5"5) and typically US size 0 top or 2 sometimes for bottom, and Australian size 6 or 8 (more rarely). I wear about size 26 in most jeans.

1. Pleated blouse (sorry don't know the actual product name as per websites, since they never list it in Australia)- I think the bottom feels like chiffon while the top is a semi see-thru cotton. $59.95. The pleating is both back and front. There was only a size M (medium) left in store so I tried it anyway:

2. Sequin nude Skirt in size S (small). it retails for a whopping $159, which I thought is a bit overpriced. It is very nice though, the sequins and beadings are well made. The waistline is elastic. With some Zara skirts there doesn't appear to be any other sizing apart from S, M and L, so I assume this is the case with this skirt too.

3. White tweed frill hem blazer with gold buttons and pocket. $99AUD. Size XS here.
It's a shorter jacket, but not exactly 'cropped' quite yet.

The shade is a snow white , not off white, ivory or anything, a true sparkling white.

Ok here's a quick outfit, I didn't really intend to wear it together but I didn't pick another top that was more suitable to be tucked in.  I'm also wearing my own white singlet inside, otherwise the pleated sleeveless top is a bit sheer.

The size XS blazer for Zara is usually such a good fit for me, I get good arm length, good shoulder length and bust area always fits well too. (I'm just average sized bust, not really big).

The sequin skirt is really lovely, because of the elastic waist you can probably pull it down a bit more depending on what length you want it dropped. I'd say it's not exactly a super mini, but definitely shorter than normal length Zara work style skirts.

The hem at the edge of the skirt is slightly mesh-like. The skirt is lined and is generally sufficient and I probably dont' need another slip underneath.

Here's the top without the blazer. Because I only found a size M, it's a bit too big for me, a size S or XS is probably going to be better. I'm not sure how I feel about the really sheer top section, it's really see through and having any other straps peeking through isn't a good look.

4. Open lace caridgan/ bolero size S.

Now the next item, it reminded me of the open lace cardigan on Zara US website right now, but it has a different lace print and fabric. This one is $79.95AUD, it's just a lace shell, unlined. 

Close up:

I thought it would look nice in a very casual/ romantic look, but once I put it on I really thought the cut was unflattering. Maybe I needed a more fitted top to really appreciate this cardigan, but definitely my least favorite top for the day. Especially at the whopping $79 price tag.  There was also a hole on the shoulder already which means this is probably those tops that gets teared or caught on things easily.

I really look like I'm swimming inside this top...

5. Open front nude dress in size S, $69.95.

I REALLY wanted this dress, since the outter shell is the most pretty fabric color and finish, it feels like a nude-peachy-pink silk. However the inner layer is a sort of cheap slip material, a bit polyester feel. It felt too much like a slip you wear inside something else, than exposed outside.

I couldn't bear the look of wearing it as a skirt, it's also so sheer (on the bottom especially) that there was no way to wear it without at least 2 other slips underneath.  So I tucked in the inner layer inside the sequin dress (hence the slight bulge at the front).

I wish they made this as a fish tailed top! It's so pretty:

There's a slight gather in the back which makes it not too loose.

Ok that ends my Zara adventure for the day. I commend myself for not purchasing anything, since I thought I'd look at the pictures and have a think about whether I really NEED any of it. I actually ordered some sequin skirts off the Zara US website already so I couldn't justify getting another one again. (Though this one is such a classic). And at $159, it was a pass for me.

The pleated top was too big so that was a pass.

The blazer is nice, but I already have a huge collection of white jackets, so it was a nay. I didn't quite like the golden hardware button either, as the gold is a slightly cheap looking shiny gold. Would've been better if they made it a matte gold or an old gold.

The nude dress- I really really want it, but I know I'd never wear it as a dress since it's just too sheer. As a top it's nice but unless I spend $30 to get it altered and cut out the front, there's just too much fabric to be tucked in.

Hope you all enjoyed this reading that's a slight departure from my usual beauty stuffs.

p.s. The US shopping crowd is ridiculous, I was camped in front of my computer looking at Zara USA black friday sale, I put a few things in my shopping basket within the first 5 minute of the website working, by the time I was ready to check out, just about every item was sold out in my shopping bag!

I wanted these ones:


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