Essie Van D'Go #710 Spring 2010 nail polish review/ swatch

I've been pretty behind with these few years of Essies and OPIs and I only really buy them when I see my familiar sellers have some items up, not necessarily for cheap by USD RRP prices but certainly cheaper once I factor in shipping etc. ( I wish there was still cheap OPIs and Essies around on those transdesign or 8ty8beauty websites...)

Here's Essie Van D'Go, from spring 2010 collection. From all the websites and online swatches I thought I was going to get a pastel or medium peachy pink creme, which is my usual colors for the office days. In the bottle it does look like yet another Essie nudes or pales.

Well I was really surprised, in a not so pleasant way. I got a quite opaque full creme finish barbie pale pink shade once applied. Of course if you are looking for this exact color it'd be great, but I was in a bit of a shock once I saw the finished look. It's just too opaque and too full creme and way too stark on me. If you know those mod whites etc type of shade which looks like liquid paper on your tips, this looks like a pink liquid paper.

I had two coats on all fingers other than my index finger (finger on the very right of pic) which has a slightly thicker 2nd coat- you can see the pink base is even stronger. If you just wear one coat it's uneven and does not spread properly, a bit paint-like.

No flash, indoor light just to show you how it can look a bit stark on the fingers. The flash photography in the last few pics truely made the color look nicer than it was.

For me the color was a true barbie pastel pink, I saw a lot of online swatches where it was leaning towards a peachy look, I'm going to guess it varies a bit with your skintone, but for my skin color (usually 2nd lightest foundation shade or the lightest shade) it's just way too stark and strange looking.

I promptly removed it on day 2. Dear bf saw me putting it on and he didn't say anything but he clearly had the look of (wow that's not a good color).

The overall consistency of this polish is also quite disappointing, it's very liquidpaper-like! Although most flaws are masked with 2 coats, it still lacks a glossyness to it so it looks rather flat on the finger.  My personal rating for it is 1 out of 5. I really want my $10AUD back (yes that's how much they cost in Australia now even when you find it on sale.....which is about 10.50USD at today's exchange rate). Maybe if work has a christmas party with the 70s theme or austin powers I could bring this out. hrrmph...

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