Chanel Ombre Essentiel Soft Touch Eyeshadow 66 Candid / 69 Black Star swatch/ review

Chanel makes eyeshadow singles every now and then in their various makeup collections. Personally I much prefer their quads since the single eyeshadows cost an arm and a leg anyway.

Here's #66 Candid and #69 Black Star, both are limited editions.

#66 Candid looks like a soft velvet pale beige with a pink tint, I thought it would make a wonderful eyeshadow base shade. It has very very fine shimmers close up. however on hands it shows as just a sheer powdery pale pink beige.

 #69 Black Star looks like a shimmering charcoal greyed-black in the pan, thus I was rather excited about this shade:

#66 Candid swatch:
 (yes it barely shows...) On my eyelid it's not enough to create a perfect canvas as I do have some pigmentation.

#66 and #69 swatch
You can see black star does apply shimmery, but not as intense as it looks in the pan, and the color is still sheer. Overall 2/5, a bit disappointed with the quality paritcularly given the prices Chanel charges.

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