Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss 040 Nude Lustre swatch/ review

I don't typically buy that many drugstore brands, not because I'm a brand snob, but because the drugstore brands cost an arm and a leg too in Australia and for the same RRP price, I could buy equivalent of department store brand items in my overseas trips. For example, a Revlon lipgloss can retal for 18AUD in stores here, which means with the strong Australian dollars, it is really quite expensive in terms of purchasing power overseas.

However, Nude Lustre is one of the glosses that constantly made it to the 'must purchase list' on makeupalley for a while, so I decided to also buy this.

Typical doefoot applicator:

Consistency is pretty good, not goopy thick but has enough grip to it and not too thin.

On the skin it looks a bit like a pink nude, with some peach undertone.

On my lips, wow it is a pretty nice nude pink that goes with any makeup. I didn't put a photo sans lipgloss because my lips are sometimes really pale and sometimes very pink or red, probably because of circulation or something.

Overall 5/5 for price and color and consistency.

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