Sonia Rykiel 2008 PINK KISS Collection (X'mas) Face Powder #01



Sonia Rykiel 2008 Christmas limited edtion collection is called the "Pink Kiss Collection". Features a range of products with the pink lips signature print in the middle, including 2 eyeglosses, 3 nailpolishes, 3 lipgloss pots and this "Face Powder 01" (I think that's it for this compact's official English name, strange eh..at least for the Chinese name they made up a name along the lines of 'Mysterious Kiss Sparkly Contour Compact").

The face powder retails for $1680NT which is approximately 55USD for 6.3g product, a bit on the hefty side. Product description indicates it's "a face powder/illuminator/contour or highlight powder all in one, to be brushed on T-zone, neck, decolletage and arms, to show off the sweet sexy female beauty blahblahblah. The pink lip section contains gold + white pearl pigments to bring natural shine, while the remaining refined powders gives a soft-focus effect to hideaway small flaws, to make skin complexion look more refined and translucent. Contains moisturising plant extracts to maintain supple skin."

Comes in a cute bright pink box, same color as the shiny metallic fuschia pink compact itself (non finger print magnet surface finish! yay). Very feminine.


Snap closure, contains a plastic tray which sits the soft brush, which is quite well made with soft bristles. Compact is very nice looking and very well made.

Contains two shades, the outter base shade is an off-white pearl, extremely subtly shimmery highlighter, or I'd rather call it an off-white translucent finish powder, it's subtle enough to be dusted all over face without showing visible shimmers, but applying a tad more, can definitely work well as a browbone or t-zone highlighter, extremely finely milled with a soft-focus effect.

The middle lip print section goes all the way through- it's a light pink based highlighter with very pale champagne-gold and white pearly shimmers, it's not deep enoguh to show up as any sort of pink on actual skin, the pink merely provides a pinkish base to it. This shade is more shimmery than the base shade, and pigment particles appear bigger (But still very fine compared to, e.g. MAC minieralised skinfinishes). Let's just say, even Snow White cannot carry off this as a blush...which is really what I hoped it was! a highlighter + blush in one.

Overall the powder is extremely high quality and finely milled, the shimmers are very nice and sophisticated sort of finish, makes a good higlighter. However, it's not very firmly pressed so there's some flyaway powder easily. For the pricetag and color selection, this is only yet another many, many, many highlighters I have and probably would not be a favorite. Photobucket


Left: White layer alone, you can see it applies a soft-focused white shimmer, finely milled.

Middle: Pink section alone, you can see the faintest pink tint and how there is more pale pink-champagne gold shimmers to it.

Right: mixed, becomes a pastel pinkish white highlighter Photobucket

Picture of other products from iswii.net, the blue polish is totally off color, it's meant to be a dark blackened eggplant Photobucket

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