OPI Nantucket Mist NL S26 Nail Polish colour review/ swatch

It's sort of getting cooler in Sydney by the day, I decided to wear a more spring shade while there's still a bit of sun left.

Here's OPI Nantucket Mist, which has been around for a while. It looks like a mid tone dusty rose with a touch of peach or coral in the bottle.

Code for this shade is NL S26.

Here it is on the nails, 2 coats and no topcoat yet. I applied a slightly more generous amount for each coat, given it's a creme finish so if you apply too thinly, it can look streaky and go uneven on the nails.

Two coats gave beautiful, almost full coverage (under the lights if I hold up my nails to the sun I can see my tips just showing through very slightly). It's a true creme, glossy finish, no shimmers or pearling or iridescence. Once I added my usual seche vite topcoat the finish looks like those gel nails- almost glazed finish.

Picture below is as dark as it can look under certain lights (seems darker in direct sunlight). The color on the nails is a medium nude corally rosy pink, it's got that peach or coral mix to it that lifts it away from yet another boring medium pink or plain rose pink color.

Here's as light as it can look under certain lights.

Here it looks a bit lighter under different lighting again- which will show almost like a yummy candy pink. The shade is very soft and wearable and definitely great for the office. I'm in a rather happy mood wearing this today.

Overall 5/5. Would love more OPI shades similar to this.


kikie said...

Thank you for this blog, I find it very very helpful! Because of you, I decided to buy some more of OPI's nail polishes! :)
I see you're a very passionate about manicure and your nails are gorgeous!
I've just started to love it now (and I'm 27 years old!)
So I'd appreciate a lot if you could put some advices how to remove skin that grows over the nail surface and cuticles...It gives me so much trouble!
And one more thing, how to stop your nails to brittle?
Thank you! :)

Wombat said...

Hi Kikie, glad you find the reviews helpful. With removing cuticles (those skin that grows over the surface), I use sally hansen cuticle remover, it's like $5 or 6USD on ebay easily. Just apply on dry nails, then wait 1 minute, then wipe off with facial cotton pads (provides some friction to take away the deadskin), then rinse with water. Do this maybe every fortnight , you will see a lot less overgrowth.

With brittling, it's best to keep nails a bit shorter and use curticle oil frequently, and always have some polish on the nails will help product the nail from breaking. hope this helps =)